Media Services and Pricing

Video Duplication, Transfer and Conversion

Video to File Format Conversion

       We convert your video all common file formats from WMV for viewing video on a PC  to the AVI format used for uploading video to Youtube and other internet sites.  This service usually requires approximately one hour of editing time ($60.00) and includes the creation of your first properly formatted  disc...Additional discs as required are $10.00 each. $60, additional discs $10 each

VHS Video to DVD


       Preserve your irreplaceable videotape programs by converting to video from virtually any tape format to the proven and universally compatible DVD-R disc format. The entire process is simple and staightforward...just bring in your tape and your program will be transferred to DVD by the next business day. The DVD we create for you will be on a quality, name brand Verbatim DVD-R disc. Our creation process includes printing directly on a hub printable DVD disc (not some cheap looking, slapped on label), a library style DVD case that includes a clip inside the case to hold a printed insert and an insert for the case exterior created by our design staff. Each DVD disc can hold up to two hours of video and tapes may be combined onto the same disc for a nominal charge of $5.00 for each tape added.

$20 up to 2 hours, $5 each additional disc.

DVD Transfer


       Enjoy the convenience of viewing your programs on DVD-R format discs. Most formats including; VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8mm, and digital 8mm Video Tape, Mini Dv Tape, Mini DVD-R Discs, Mini DV Cam Tape, and Betacam SP, etc..

$20 up to 2 hours, $5 each additional disc. Tapes/Discs may be combined on the same DVD. In combining tapes or discs onto the same DVD we charge $5.00 for each segment that you choose to add.

DVD Duplication


       Our duplications include rendering from your DVD master to a quality, hub printable Vebatim DVD-R Disc allowing us to offer printing directly to the center of the disc in 1200 dpi resolution. A case insert created in-house is provided including title graphics and a photo composition if desired. A setup charge may be applicable for complex multilayer compositions. Our DVD's are completed with a quality, library style case not made from recycled plastic.

$Call for Pricing - Includes 1200 dpi printed disc, insert and library style case

Blue Ray DVD Duplication

       Coming in 2011  

Film Transfer


       Our film transfer is performed in-house using a broadcast quality, 3 chip digital camera with its output being recorded directly to digital tape. We do not splice your film together or degrade the results by sending the pristine digital signal into a computer. Your films are brightened as needed, cleanly assembled to remove any gaps or blank spaces and then directly transferred to either DVD dics or VHS tape with an animated introduction of "Our Home Movies" included at no extra charge. We are able to transfer from both regular 8mm film and super 8 mm film only. We cannot transfer from super 8mm film that has sound as our projector lacks sound capability. A $30.00 setup charge is applied initially for all film transfer work. Our rate for transfer is $.10 per foot of film. A 50 ft reel that is 3 inches in diameter costs $5.00 each to transfer, 200 ft reels which are 5 inches in diameter costs $20.00 each and 400 ft reels that are 9 inches in diameter cost $40.00 each to transfer. Film transfer work is available in either DVD-R format disc which can hold up to two hours of film or in VHS videotape.

$30 Setup, 10¢ per foot

Photo & Slide Transfer Conversion


       Our photo and slide transfers are fully digital and are created using the same broadcast quality three chip digital camera used in our film transfer work. This process allows us to crop and brighten each image as we transfer them into our digital editing system. We do not simply slap your slides and photos onto a scanner as we think that process produces inferior results and is more time consuming as well.

$30 setup, $1 per slide, discount on quantity

Photos from Video Conversion


       May be created from virtually any video source and are available in the following sizes printed on premium quality photo gloss paper.
4 X 6 inch prints are $10.00 each
8 X 10 inch prints are $20.00 each

4 x 6 -$10 Each, 8 x 10 - $20 Each

Foreign Video Format Conversions


       We can convert both DVDs and VHS tapes from other countries that do not use our NTSC broadcast system to either DVD or VHS tape for viewing in the U.S. We charge $20.00 for conversion to a DVD disc that will hold up to two hours. Conversions to VHS tape are done at the rate of $10.00 for the first hour and $5.00 for each additional hour.

To DVD $20 First 2 Hours, $5 Each Additional, To VHS $10 First Hour, $5 Each Additional

CD-ROM, Data CD & Audio CD Creation, Conversion


       Our duplications in the CD-ROM, Data CD, and Audio CD formats include the use of brand name, inkjet printable CD discs from Primera with packaging options such as Tyvek window sleeves or your choice of either full or slim line jewel cases.

$Call for Pricing

Audio Cassette & LP records to Audio CD


       Convert your outdated audio cassettes and irreplaceable LP records to a digitally mastered audio cd.  Our service includes the creation of a cd case with complete track labeling information as well as to the hub printing of label information on the cd disc itself..not some cheap slapped on label.  An audio cd can hold up to 80 minutes of audio material.  The charge for unedited transfer is $20.00 Should you desire a cd with separate tracks corresponding to the individual songs on the cassette or lp the charge is $40.00 to create up to ten separate tracks.  We recommend this for lps and cassettes containing separate musical selections so that each song may be listened to individually.  Should the cassette or lp contain more than 10 songs additional tracks may be added to the cd at a cost of $3.00 per additional track.

Unedited transfers, $20.00, separated tracks $40, $3 each additional track over 10













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