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Video Equipment Rentals
Here is a brief listing of our most popular rental items:

Video Production Equipment


Digital Camcorders

       Sony VX-1000 - This professional camcorder is a mini DV format unit suitable for the professional user. This unit features a 3 chip image sensor for excellent color purity, 10x zoom lense, 4 lux light sensitivity, time code capability, full color viewfinder, and a rugged aluminum housing. The VX-1000 includes the ability to control audio levels and mix microphone inputs. Suitable for wedding videography and more professional applications. A light is recommended for shooting in low light situations.


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Digital VCRs

       Sony GV-D1000 - Plays and records in mini DV format. Features include a 4" color monitor, built-in speakers and a digital firewire port. The firewire port enables users to send digital video via fireware into a computer based editing system for lossless digital editing.

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Tripods & Dollies

       (1) Bogen 3194 Tripod - This heavy duty professional tripod extends out to 60 inches, features dual arms and will support cameras up to 22 lbs. Includes Bogen's 3066 fluid head for smooth panning, two level indicators and convertible spike/cushioned feet. The 3194 may be used with our 3067 dolly to provide smooth camera movement across a floor area.

       (2) Bogen 3135 Tripod - This professional Bogen tripod features a single arm design and extends to over 80 inches in height allowing the user to shoot over a standing audience. The 3135 also provides a built in level, convertible spike/cushioned feet and a Bogen 3063 fluid head for smooth camera panning. This unit may be used with our Bogen 3067 dolly to provide smooth camera movement across a floor.

       (3) Bogen 3067 Dolly - Provides the ability to smoothly move a camera across a floor when used with either of the tripods listed above



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Field Production Monitors

       (1) JVC TM-550U - This 5 inch professional color video field monitor by JVC features two switchable inputs allowing monitoring of two sources, BNC connectors and may be powered by either 12 volt power or AC. Displays video in either PAL or NTSC.

       (2) Sony V-M30 - This Sony field monitor features a 3 inch lcd screen and may be mounted to a tripod. The Sony is powered by either AC through its power adaptor or by battery.


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Portable Lighting Equipment

       (1) Cool Lux Mini Cool 2000 - The Cool Lux 2000 is a AC/DC color video light that provides 250 watts of color balanced light output when used in AC mode and 75 watts in DC mode. The unit is camera mountable and dimmer units are available for both ac and dc operation.

       (2) VDO Pak Battery Belt - This belt style power pack provides over an hour of portable run time for the Mini Cool Lux when used as a power source.

       (3) NRG Lite Rite Dimmer Control - Allows the brightness of the Mini Cool 2000 to be adjusted during dc operation.

       (4) Sun Pak ReadyLite 20 - Companct and lightweight video light provides 15 watts fo lighting power and can be mounted to virtually any video camera through either shoe or bracket mounting. Battery run time is 10 to 15 minutes. Provides 50 lux of illumination at 3.2m. Very useful as an add on light for wedding and other mobile shooting done under low light conditions.

Cool Lux Mini Cool 2000

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Studio Lights

       (1) Starlight 500 Softbox Light System - Provides soft, diffused lighting when used in studio. Includes stand and dimmer control.

       (2) Video Light Kit - This 600 watt system includes (2) 600 watt quartz light umbrella reflectors and (2) 8 for Photek Stands.

       (3) Luria Lighting Freedom System - Allows wireless dimmer control of the video light kit listed above.

Starlight 500 Softbox

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Video Projectors

       (1) Sony VPL-PX1 - This Sony projector may be used with either output from a laptop computer or with video sources such as dvd players and vcrs. The unit provides a bright 1000 lumen output featuring 750 lines of resolution. Lightweight and highly portable it includes a carrying case and a remote with a built in laser pointer.

       (2) Sony VPL-PX31 - This Sony projector provides a brighter output of 2800 lumens, 750 lines of resolution, features a larger sound system and is capable of front or rear projection. This unit also may be used with a laptop computer or other video sources and includes a laser pointer.

Sony VPL-PX1

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Projector Screens

       (1) Dalite 60" Insta-Theatre Screen - Features easy set up in under one minute. Simply pivot feet into place and raise the screen up from its built in carrying case and you have a 60 inch diagonally measured screen for use with either projector. Suitable for audiences up to 50 persons.

       (2) Dalite Eight Foot Picture King Tripod Screen - Provides a larger screen size in a tripod style design more suitable for audiences of over 100 people. Features a matte white screen surface, a wide range of height adjustment and a carpeted carry case.


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